Munich International School is a K-12 IB World School, serving an international community of students.

Grades 9-10 MYP History
Grades 9-10 MYP Geography
 Grades 11-12 DP History SL (History of Europe) 
Grades 11-12 Theory of Knowledge

Teaching and Learning

  • Unit plan in accordance to International Baccalaureate curriculum and prepare students for state and international assessments, including GCSE
  • Work with humanities and TOK department for the International Baccalaureate and focusing on vertical articulation and common assessments

In addition to classroom responsibilities:

Senior School Student Council Advisor planned fundraisers, organized prom, and  other events.   Organized community service, class spirit, and other school events to benefit the almost 350 members of the MIS Senior School
Group 3 China Trip Advisor – Organize a 10 day trip to China for grade 11 students, based on Group 3 subject curriculum (business, economics, history, and geography)
Extended Essay and Personal Project Advisor
Year Advisor – Pastoral Care Program


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