Yokohama International School is a coeducational school with English language instruction serving around 800 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.  YIS offers PYP, DP, and GCSE.  MYP is currently being implemented. 

Head of Humanities Department
Theory of Knowledge Coordinator

MYP Middle School Teacher
MYP High School Teacher
DP Theory of Knowledge
IGCSE History Teacher

Find my classroom blog here. 

Teaching and Learning

  • Developed new curriculum for MYP 6-10 humanities, using MYP unit planners and modified criterion for varied assessments.  Focus on project based learning, while using MYP guidelines in implementing the curriculum.
  • Designed an integrated Group 3 humanities course for grades 9 and 10.  Collaborated with DP teachers to ensure skills and content are being vertically articulated and piloting the MYP Next Chapter unit planner.
  • Integrate technology in the classroom allowing for varied means of students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.  Technology is also used to encourage student collaboration.  Some tools used include students and teacher blogs, Google Apps, Voicethread, and Twitter.
  • Design and implement unit plans, including game-based learning, inquiry-based instruction, visual-literacy and varied assessments in the humanities classroom.
  • Construct lessons to differentiate for special needs and English Language learners students.

Head of Department

  • Led the teaching and learning for all humanities and social sciences subjects between grades 6 and 12, including MYP and DP Humanities
  • Introduced MYP into the grades 9/10 and help support MYP accreditation and introduction of MYP Next Chapter curriculum
  • Focus on pedagogical development of teachers in the Humanities Department and creating opportunities for teachers to learn from each other.

In addition to classroom responsibilities

Student Activities

  • Middle School Student Council Advisor  Organize quarterly dances, monthly assemblies, and other events. Coordinate collaboration between middle school and other members of the YIS community, including PTSA and YIS administration. Goals include developing leaders in the middle school and helping build a middle school community.
  • Flat Classroom Conference Organized student activities and participation in the Flat Classroom at YIS conference in 2013. Also organized student trip to Flat Classroom conference in Mumbai 2012.
  • Cambodia Trip Advisor 2012 Help organize and implement grade 11 ten day service trip to Cambodia.
  • Pastoral Care Program – Tutor for Grade 7 and development of pastoral care curriculum
  • Extended Essay Advisor (History)


  • “Creating a Connected Learning Community” – chapter in IBO Publication Journeys in Communities of Practice; Stories and strategies of professional inquiry from around the World co-written with Kim Cofino and Susie Clifford
  • In-progress: “21st Century International Schools: Global Education in an International Context” -chapter in The State of global education: Learning with the world and its people co-written with Kim Cofino and Adrienne Michetti

Professional Development

  • YIS Leadership Project  An opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn from experts by participating in PD for leaders, share experiences with colleagues and reflect on your leadership style
  • Professional Growth Plan Focused on learning about Design Thinking and introducing the pedagogy into the YIS curriculum
  • Tech Pilots  an ELC-12 group of teachers that meet to learn from each other, share ideas about teaching, learning and technology, and just generally geek out
  • MYP Humanities Pilot – Piloting MYP Next Chapter developments in the Individuals and Societies course.

School Committees

  • Connected Learning Community Committee, developing policies regarding 1:1 MacBook roll-out, including digital citizenship, communication with the school community, and CLC handbook.
  • MYP Steering Committee working on the implementation and authorization of the Middle Years Program at YIS.
  • Digital Citizenship Committee
  • Induction Days Committee 
  • Flat Classroom at YIS Conference Steering Committee 
  • #beyondlaptops Conference Committee
  • Head of School Search Committee
  • Classroom of the Future Working Group

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